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Vogue makes beautiful cargo bikes. We hope you enjoy using your Vogue cargo bike. You can get even more out of your Vogue cargo bike at Clarijs. We make custom-made tents to protect your cargo bike from rain and wind. This is useful when you are transporting goods, but also when you take your children with you in the cargo bike. With such a beautiful tent you make your bike suitable for use 365 days a year. Even - and especially - when the weather is less clement. Those who know Clarijs know that quality is always to be expected. However, we also hope to surprise you with the excellent prices of our cargo bike tents.

Buying Vogue accessories

If you want to buy Vogue accessories, Clarijs is the place to go. We have been known as a pannier specialist for many years. Over the years, however, we have grown to do much more. We also make beautiful, high-quality accessories for bicycles. These include cargo tents for Vogue cargo bikes. For our cargo bike tents, you can count on the same quality as you are used to from our bike bags. Very high quality, with a long life, a refined finish and a beautiful look.

Vogue cargo bike covers

Vogue cargo bike tents are perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of his or her cargo bike. There is a chance that you leave the cargo bike standing when it rains. You take the car or public transport. This while rain does not have to be a problem and cycling is much healthier (and better for the environment). Maybe you leave your bike behind because you don't want your children to get wet. For example when you take your child to school. With Vogue cargo bike tents, this is no longer something to worry about. Children sit comfortably in the cargo box with a tent over their heads. They stay dry and are protected from the wind. Also when you transport things in the cargo bike, the cargo bike tent for Vogue comes in handy. After all, belongings also stay dry. That's why our Vogue cargo bike tents are not only used by families, but also by, for example, bike couriers. Our Vogue cargo bike tents are made of black Rivertex®. This is an extremely sturdy, water-resistant and durable material. Of course, the tents also feature large windows, so children can enjoy looking around.

Order in our webshop today

Have you seen the right cargo tent for your Vogue cargo bike? We sell them for the Carry 3 and Troy. Order your desired Vogue cargo bike tent today in our webshop. Clarijs always manufactures products to order. Nevertheless, you can count on a fast delivery time. Do you have any questions first? Then please contact us. We will be happy to give you all the information you need and answer any questions you might have. Clarijs is also known for customization. Do you have a special request with regard to your Vogue cargo bike? Then don't hesitate to put this request to us. We will always look at what we can do for you.