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SoloBag Single Bike Bag – Passion


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  • Handgemaakt in Nederland
  • Materialen grotendeels uit EU
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The Van Gogh Passion single bike bag is perfect for use as a bike bag. This portable bike bag can be attached to either the left or right side of your bike. The bag is made entirely from recycled materials, with the exception of the hooks and buckles. We recycle PVC and coated acrylic by using waste and cut-outs from our cargo bike rain covers.


  • Multi-functional 100% waterproof single bike bag
  • Quick-Lock System: adjustable without tools
  • The bag closes easily with a magnetic FIDLOCK buckle
  • Also suitable as a shoulder bag thanks to the included detachable shoulder strap.
  • Large capacity in a single bike bag (24 liters!)
  • Reinforced bag with spacious main compartment
  • Unique design: Passion

External dimensions of this single bike bag:
Width 31 cm
Height 40 cm
Depth 19 cm

100% Waterproof

The Clarijs Solobag Van Gogh Passion is ideal for anyone in need of a spacious, waterproof bike bag. The roomy main compartment with interior pocket and reinforced backplate closes with a practical and water-resistant roll-top closure. This closure is equipped with a magnetic FIDLOCK buckle.

Quick-Lock system

With Quick-Lock hooks and an adjustable hook rail at the bottom of the bag, you can easily attach the Solobag to your bike. The hooks fit on luggage racks with a tube diameter of up to 22 mm. The Quick-Lock system can be adjusted without tools. You can easily remove the bag from the luggage rack: when you pull the lever that is connected to the click system, the hooks release from the luggage rack tube.

High quality material

  • This portable bike bag is made from the production waste of our cargo bike rain covers. The materials we use are coated acrylic and PVC.
  • We use the cut-out window panels from the cargo bike covers we produce for Urban Arrow, Babboe, Carqon, Johnny Loco and Butchers & Bicycles to make these high-quality bags.
  • The bag can be attached to either the left or right side of your bike. Also suitable for electric bikes.
  • With the included detachable shoulder strap, the Clarijs SoloBag can be comfortably carried as a shoulder bag.
  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions.