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Large panniers

Nothing is more convenient for carrying more luggage on your bike than large panniers. But where can you find them? Have you already gone to several stores, but you simply have not found the right bag because none of them were big enough? Then we are glad that you have come to Clarijs. We not only offer you large panniers, but also very high quality bags. Handcrafting panniers is our specialty. For many decades. So take a look at our selection of large panniers. We not only offer bags that meet all your needs in terms of space; thanks to our varied selection, you will also always find a bag that perfectly suits your style and appearance.

Buying large panniers

Buy large panniers from Clarijs. We go one step further than the usual stores in all respects. That starts with the way we make our bags. We use only the best materials and old-fashioned craftsmanship: handiwork. This quality is important, especially for large panniers. Large panniers are often real "heavy duty" bags that are used intensively on a daily basis. At Clarijs you have the assurance of quality. Our large panniers remain beautiful for a very long time and will also last for a very long time. Simple: because you need the space. Regular or even small panniers offer a lot of space, but those who are looking for large panniers probably want to maximize the transport possibilities of their bikes. Clarijs' large panniers offer so much space that people often use them as an alternative to the car. Thanks to the many tens of liters of space, you will soon find that you can often do your shopping on your bicycle. In many cases you will be able to transport everything safely and comfortably. Large panniers are therefore perfect for people who live in densely populated urban areas where the car is not always a solution.But our large panniers are ordered by many people. Even avid cyclists often appreciate them. Do you like to make trips by bike? In our large panniers you can transport everything you need, even a compact tent. Professional users also like to use these bags. Think of bicycle couriers, but also of postal workers. We even have special extra large mailbags.

Large assortment

A large pannier is something you enjoy and reap the benefits of every day. Especially when you choose a bag that also suits you in terms of appearance. That's no problem at all in Clarijs' extensive assortment. Take your time to find the ideal bag.

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Do you have any questions or need more information? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you find what you are looking for. In the webshop you can also personalize many of our bags. Do you have additional wishes? Do not hesitate to discuss this with us. In many cases we can provide customization.