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Cargobike Rain Canopy Excellent (Long)


  • 2 jaar garantie
  • Handgemaakt in Nederland
  • Materialen grotendeels uit EU
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Weight 2 kg

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This Cargobike Rain Canopy Excellent (Long) is specially designed with a zipper on both sides around the window, and therefore, it never needs to be removed. The tent comes with sail battens frame and the necessary fastening materials.

The height of this tent, measured from the bench, is 69 cm.


All these products are manufactured from one of the strongest types of acrylic fabric. This material features a dense weave and a thick coating, making it highly durable. It is commonly used in watersports and is even resistant to saltwater. This fabric is produced in the EU (Spain) using solution-dyed acrylic yarn material, ensuring excellent color retention. The tent is available in various colors, including blue, brown, camel, gray, red, and black. The high-quality material is exceptionally sturdy and also water-repellent.

Advantages of the Cargobike Rain Canopy Excellent (Long):

  • Extra protection for your belongings and your bike.
  • Zippers on both sides of the tent.
  • Resistant to saltwater.
  • Can extend the lifespan of your cargobike.
  • Can contribute to increased safety while cycling.

Easy to attach with the provided materials. Additionally, you can directly purchase cushions for your cargobike from us in the same color!